Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[News] Kim Hyunjoong on Jaejoong. Watched “Boss” and Complimented JJ on Acting (Added Junsu + JYJ!)

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Kim Hyunjoong recently had interviews with the media and mentioned Jaejoong. We translate the relevant excerpts. So 4-D, the two Joong’s…


Q: You suggested a duet to JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

Hyunjoong: That’s right. While drinking together we shared conversations such as—‘wouldn’t it be nice for people who are close with each other to have an album out.’ For things that I want to do, I want to do it all without regrets.

Q: What side of Kim Jaejoong did you like to suggest this?

Hyunjoong: It’s not that I liked a particular a side of him. (laugh) I think it will be fun if we do it. In truth, when we drink, we tell each other all kinds of stuff.

Q: Kim Jaejoong appeared in the drama Protect the Boss.

Hyunjoong: Jaejoong recently appeared in the recently-finished SBS drama Protect the Boss. I watched each and every episode of the drama. I even texted him with things like: “The drama is fun, I see?” and “You’re good at acting, I see?” I also joked to him, saying he should invite me to the afterparty…

[Added Junsu!! ^_^ ++ and JYJ!]

Q: How do you spend your time on days that you are off?

Hyunjoong: I need to run around freely and play. I play soccer with JYJ’s Kim Junsu, and I also like travelling. I usually travel to Kyungkido, such as Misari. I go with my friends and eat chicken soup and beef short ribs soup.

Hyunjoong on Friends JYJ: When I just meet them and say things like ‘when do you guys come out on TV,’ and they say ‘the stations say we can’t, so what can we do.’ Even yesterday, I met with Jaejoong and talked. In any case there is no one to talk about the stress about [the topic of] appearing on TV, and also JYJ are my three good friends.

Source: TV Report, DongA Ilbo, 10Asia
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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