Monday, July 22, 2013

[News] Kim Hyun Joong goes for 'Round 3' in new mini-album + "Your Story" MV teaser

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your story

Last week, Kim Hyun Joong pre-released "Unbreakable" featuring Jay Park as a prelude to the release of his third mini-album, 'Round 3' which has finally been released online today.


Kim Hyun Joong recruited the best of the best for his long awaited return. Renowned choreographer Lyle Beniga whipped up his dancing magic for "Unbreakable" and Keone Madrid choreographed title track, "Your Story". Jo Soo Hyun, the director behind the music videos for Psy, participated in the music video for "Your Story", while director Hong Won Ki participated in the music video for "Unbreakable". 

As mentioned previously, Dok2 featured in the R&B-style title track, "Your Story", while Jay Park added his attractive voice color to the track, "Unbreakable".  Other songs from the album include: mid-tempo acoustic song, "As It Used to Be", urban pop song "Gentleman", a confessional R&B track, "I'm Yours", and the upbeat "Let's Party".

The hard copies of 'Round 3' won't be available until July 29th.

[Video] Official Video Kim Hyun Joong BTS @ star1 Magazine

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[News]  Kim Hyun Joong is sizzling in BTS clip for star1 pictorial

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In conjunction with the release of his latest mini-album 'Round 3', Kim Hyun Joong revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the filming for his star1 Magazine pictorial.

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The sexy soloist smolders in a wife-beater and leather jacket while filming on an old school bus. He also has some pictures shots on a train track and on a rain soaked bridge. Though the surroundings are relatively simple, Kim Hyun Joong manages to look gorgeous while doing very little actual posing.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong reveals he doesn't worry too much about rumors + talks about being drunk when doing the 'cutie player'

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Kim Hyun Joong has been in the business for a while and revealed his sense of responsibility as a celebrity in the public eye.

In an interview with @star1, Kim Hyun Joong talked about how he deals with rumors and shared, "I don't think I had any incidents that I needed to explain... Even if there is a rumor, I don't worry about it much. I know my fans believe in me."

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"But as much as I have a career in the public eye and receive a lot of love and support, I always try to be careful and act with responsibility."

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed the behind-the-scenes story about his drunken cutie player and shared, "I said that I did it after I drank alcohol. I couldn't say that this was done while I was sober... This video was first unveiled during my fan meeting. Because it was my first fan meeting in Seoul in a long time, I wanted to show my fans something memorable so after much thought, I decided to take on the cutie player."

"My fans know that I'm not good with those kind of things and that I don't usually do it. That is why I drank beer and filmed the video with the help of my friends. I think my fans' response was even better because they know that they might not see this kind of rare video ever again."

[Video] KIM HYUN JOONG 김현중 ROUND 3 'Your Story' M/V Teaser

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