Thursday, August 8, 2013

[News] Kim Hyun Joong to temporarily fill in for TVXQ's Changmin on 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'

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Kim Hyun Joong will temporarily replace TVXQ's Changmin, who was unable to participate in the recent filming of 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' due to scheduling conflicts.

A representative stated, "Due to his overseas schedules, Changmin was inevitably unable to film 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'. But starting next week, [Changmin] will return to the show and he will be able to participate in the games as normal. Since Changmin has high enthusiasm for badminton, he is very regretful that he won't be able to train with the Korean national athletes at the Taeneung Training Center."

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The rep clarified that Changmin's temporary absence has nothing to do with his injured lip, and stated, "The reason why Changmin will not be able to film for the show is not because of his injury."

Kim Hyun Joong came to the rescue to fill in for Changmin and received training starting on the 7th, and will continue to carry out the badminton mission with the cast for the next 3 weeks.

Check out Kim Hyun Joong's athleticism when the episode airs on the 20th!




A month ago, it was announced that Kim Hyun Joong was looking at the drama favorably.  The role had previously been offered to Lee Jun Ki and Kwon Sang Woo, both of whom passed it up for other dramas (Two Weeks, Medical Top Team). Their loss was the singer-actor’s gain and he’s scheduled to appear with co-stars Im Soo Hyang (Iris 2) and Kim So Eun who starred with him in Boys Over Flowers.

It’s a KBS2 manhwa-based drama set in 1930s Shanghai about love, friendship and patriotism. They will be shooting on location in Shanghai, China for three months and it’s scheduled for a November premiere.

Seeing how Taecyeon’s acting has improved for his latest drama gives us hope that anything is possible. Considering that the role was previously offered to very capable actors like Lee Jun Ki and Kwon Sang Woo, one has to imagine that it will be quite melodramatic and require an actor who can successfully convey a barrage of emotions. Can Kim Hyun Joong handle it? I suppose the producers think so. We’ll see how right they are in November.

Source: UP News