Sunday, June 3, 2012

[Pic] fanpic Kim Hyun Joong, YoungSaeng, HyungJun and Jungmin @ KyuJong FanMeeting [12.06.03]

Some Tweet Live Update:

- HJ, YS, KJ and Baby are on stage. Baby jokingly said JM is in the washroom ekekekeke (cr.MY_KHJ)

- but they tried to be 'politically correct' and said JM's body not in a very good state, so he's not going up onstage.... T_T (cr.@baebb)

- ahhh... so that Japanese blog perhaps already anticipated the PJM issue and know not all five can go onstage...? #^.^# (cr.@baebb)

- prolly cus of the lawsuit with his company that is keeping him from going up. He's definitely not having attitude prob now (cr.@Cheezeemelt501)

- Jung Min may not have been able to come up on stage with the rest, but he was there in the venue. That's enough for us TS who loves them all (cr.@Yen4KHJ)

- fans present saying HJ looks really tired and other than eyebags, his eyes are kindda bloodshot too.... ^.^; (cr..@baebb)

- jinjja 4D! HJ says Kyu doesn't dares.eep alone coz he's afraid of ghosts... & seems to be seeing more ghosts after being w/ YS.(cr..@baebb)

- leader wishing him, kyu eyes wet (cr.chipychapy)

- Leader gave Kyu his greetings, Kyu is going to cry (cr. @yoyo501tw)

- FINISED the talking! noooo! JungMin is not here! (cr.@RenriSak0830)

- They just left the stage and did 'We are SS501' (cr.@alisongan1103)

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pix of Jungmin & Hyungjun


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