Sunday, June 3, 2012

[Highlights] from GUANGZHOU Fanmeet @ Tianhe Stadium

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- lights dimmed a little and peeps are starting to switch on their lightsticks and get all excited.
- song starting!! Crowd chanting HJ’s Chinese name.
- light sabers, thanks to Chinese Mama fans.


-The king is out! Breakdown!
- HJ: Hello everyone in GZ. I’m KHJ. Haven’t come here for a very long time. I remember singing here at the large stage (opening Asia Games)
- HJ said the weather is particular warm and hope can create warmth to cure warmth tonight with everyone.
- the crowd is so responsive. wherever hj turns, they scream in response.
- HJ: tonight is particularly hot and I’m sweating more than usual. I think it must be everyone’s hot passion tonight. Hope you can make me sweat from ur warmth right til the end. *crowd screams in agreement*
- HJ chose a girl from the crowd to give the bear to. The girl said “saranghe” and HJ replied “wo ai ni” to jealous screams.
- HJ: this morning flying from Chengdu, originally felt very tired, but after seeing everyone, I fell refreshed.
- to check crowd’s passion, HJ said: “i count 1-3 then u scream, ok? I wanna hear you” *deafening screams shook the rafters*
- MC asks HJ to try and sing the opening song of AG gain…he worried about his pronunciation but with crowd encouragement, he sang a few lines.
- the impromptu acapella was fab.
- picking Qs from board (collected from fans earlier). HJ answerss them and the fans of Qs answered will be chosen to go on stage
- one of them is a fan who shares same birthday as HJ. HJ sang a birthday song to her
- then fans sang birthday song to HJ in return
- for the 3 special fans, HJ is going to custom make a care for them
- there 3 special ingredients: honey melon, strawberry and grapes.
- while HJ is decorating the cake, the fan said she’s very excited. HJ decorated a cake with honey dew and strawberry, took polaroid pic of him with the cake, stuck the pic on the cake to give to the fan.
- 2nd fan wishes for a cute cake and hopes there’s chocolate in the ingredients….what did she get? candies, almond and chocolate!
- once done making the topping for the cake, HJ said “do you want me to give you whole or want me to eat half first? *screams*
*nanet: cheeky boy
- HJ took piece of choc, took a bite then stuck it back on the cake!
*nanet: :lol: :lol: :lol:

- 3rd fan’s cake request: i hope for something from HJ on my cake. HJ said: I don’t have anything on my body that can be eaten!”
*nanet: yes you do!! :lol:

*** Love your funny remarks Nanet!!!  :lol::lol::lol:

- 3rd cake ingredients: sweet and sour pork + spicy fried chicken. fan hopes HJ can use them to make an u:zoosin figure.
- HJ said: erm, even if i were a genius, i don’t think i can make it from these ingredients but i will try my best.
- HJ used the ingredients to make an uzoosin face, complete with a crown.. + HJ tops the cake with his…RING!
- fan said to HJ: I will always love you! HJ: I love you….bye bye.”
- MC asked fans if they were happy HJ made cakes personally for some fans, crowd answered “Not happy!!!…hehehe…cuz too jealous.
- HJ: really happy coming to GZ today. really hope can come again.

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