Thursday, June 14, 2012

[News] Kim Hyun Joong, “Reform (T-shirt) isn’t difficult”

Source: OSEN
Translator: wonderrrgirl 

Kim Hyun Joong gave his explanation regarding T-shirt reforming at the event held by Hangten Korea, called ‘Save The Earth Reform Class” on 13 June morning in Seoul Jongno-gu Pure Arena.

Hallyu star kim Hyun Joong, together with ‘SAVE THE EARTH Reform class” appeared today. For this event, shirts that were no longer worn are reformed to include a personalized design with SAVE THE EARTH Environmental campaign as its main theme, depicting love for the environment.

For this reform class, Hangten’s model Kim Hyun Joong personally joined the class and introduced how t-shirts can be reformed using used materials. Kim Hyun Joong, the instructor and the participants helped to manage the class and together, they spread messages of love for the environment to the public.

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