Friday, January 27, 2012

[News] Kim Hyun Joong reveals PV preview of “Lucky Guy”


Kim Hyun Joong has just released the official PV preview for “Lucky Guy“!

Fans will find that the Japanese version of “Lucky Guy” follows the same concept as the Korean version, in that a suave, handsome man is able to glide through society without a care in the world. Naturally, this attracts the attention of some pretty ladies around him.


Kim Hyunjoong reveals Japanese MV teaser to "Lucky Guy"


Kim Hyunjoong recently released his debut Japanese single "KISS KISS/Lucky Guy" on January 25th, making yet another record for himself by being the first foreign artist since March 2009 to have high sales on a charting single (71,821 copies sold) on the Oricon Chart. The SS501 member charted 2nd on his first day on the daily single chart.

Having already released the music video to "KISS KISS" on Japanese television, Universal Music Japan has officially released the music video teaser to Kim Hyunjoong's B-side track "Lucky Guy."

The set for the Japanese version of "Lucky Guy" takes place in the streets outside a bakery and inside a club setting. Despite the different set from the original Korean music video, the same feel is given in the Japanese version.

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