Sunday, December 18, 2011

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on TvN Enews [11.12.16] (Add Short Trans: Interview with HJ’s friend at Jaksal)

Credit: cozy1010 @yt

Translator: Wonderrrgirl

Choi Minsu | Friend of Kim Hyun Joong 

Q: How did chicken shop come about?

A: From the time when we are young, we have done many part-time jobs in chicken shops, so we said that in future when we become successful we must set up a chicken shop, which we have done so in the end.

Q: Kim Hyun Joong as a friend VS Kim Hyun Joong as a business partner?

A: Hyun Joong naturally does not particularly like being overly solemn and serious, so whenever we meet, he is always making jokes and playing around and drinking. He is serious and hard working when we are talking about the business but fun and interesting when he is working.

Q: How many does the shop sell each day?

A: When we calculate and review the sales volume, I think the shop sells about 100 chickens each day.

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