Sunday, December 18, 2011

[News] Who wouldn’t want a date with Kim Hyun Joong?


The lucky event that people overseas would like to experience when in Seoul has been selected as ‘a date with singer Kim Hyun Joong at Seoul’s attractions’.

The city of Seoul put on an online event from November 16th through the 30th as a part of PR efforts for Seoul to people overseas. Through the city’s Youtube channel, Facebook page, Weibo, and other SNS, a PR video clip with Kim Hyun Joong was presented along with an event titled ‘The lucky event you would like to experience in Seoul’.

The PR clip recorded 58,000 views in just 2 weeks with explosive popularity. The ‘wish’ most mentioned was ‘a date with singer Kim Hyun Joong at Seoul’s attractions’ and as if to reflect the heatwave of Hallyu, things like ‘watching a gayo program live’ also made the wish list.

Some of the fun wishes included, ‘to experience special cultural events specific to Seoul like Pepero day’ and ‘to complete a couple look at Dongdaemoon.’

Source: Seoul via Nate

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