Friday, October 21, 2011

[Pic] Official Photos Kim Hyun Joong & Kyu Jong @ SBS An Song Young's Good Radio 103.5 FM [11.10.18] (Add Trans)


Trans credit by xiaochu @


Welcome, welcome! With Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong

This week’s guest, in short, is DaeBak, most special guest~
The 2 of them who made the Good Radio’s free board become hot before the broadcast started!

18 October Tuesday..
Good Radio Gorealra..Text message board are fully~ filled with these 2 person’s name..
These 2 guys who are more beautiful than flowers, Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong

Radio2 Radio3

5 minutes before the start of broadcast!
In order to let you know that ‘Finally HyunJoong is here!’,
A solo shot uploaded through Good Radio twitter! (Definitely without any self-interest..)
This photo was already quickly shared out in the internet world..
Even if it is the backlight, it is still a light!

On behalf of KyuJong who have not arrived yet,
He said “Hello~ I am Kim KyuJong~”.. HyunJoong spilt into 2 roles!

Radio4 Radio5

SBS was uproarious with the appearance of HyunJoong & KyuJong
Female employees were crowding over.. one by one..
So in this case, Ero Young is a heroine who saved the country in her past life..?
*Ero Young is the nick for Ahn SunYoung

Radio6 Radio7

Both of them personally signed on the CD for Ero Young!

Concerned that it will smerge, giving it a blow hoo~ to dry ot
KyuJong’s sense!

Radio8 Radio9 HyunJoong, who looks like a poster even when he is just sitting in his chair ^^;

Radio10 Radio11 Radio12

HyunJoong is always silent but with just BANG once~ he will burst out..
Because it is a live broadcast, KyuJong sprinted in the SBS corridor..
Thank you for taking time to attend Good Radio~
Though I hate to bid goodbye.. it’s a pity but that’s the end!
HyunJoong KyuJong Bye~ T_T

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