Friday, October 21, 2011

[News] Kim Hyun Joong gives 90 degree bow to people [11.10.21]

Chinese translation: 金贤重中文网
English translation: Bizhen @ DS501fanpage

Kim Hyun Joong coming back with 'Lucky' album, the pictures which showed Hyun Joong doing a 90 degrees bow are causing quite a stir.

On 21st October, the picture of 'Kim Hyun Joong bowing while greeting BAG MYRO' as the title was suploaded on a particular website. The picture actually depicts a scene of HyunJoong bowing while greeting BAG MYRO on Mnet filming site.

There are always rumors among the fans about HyunJoong doing the 90 degrees bow. No matter if there aren't cameras around, or whether if the person is younger or older than him, HyunJoong will still do the 90 degrees bow.

Pictures taken by fans actually showed that HyunJoong gave a 90 degrees bow to 2PM, UKISS, and BEAST, which all are his juniors. BEAST's DooJoon also gave a 90 degrees bow back to HyunJoong, and this made people felt very touched.

Those fans who saw those pictures all claimed that 'He can be compared with those girl groups who do not know what manners are', 'He is really similar on and off camera, always bowing', 'His fan-services are also the BEST!'

After coming back this June for his 'Break Down' album, and coming back again after 4 months, he swept across all music charts and won the 1st place!

Starting from 15 November 2011, Kim Hyun Joong, who is currently preparing for his Japan events, will be meeting Japan fans at 8 different cities in Japan.

While HyunJoong is having comeback stages, he will be having album promotions on various music stages as well.

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