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[News] BFF Kim Hyun Joong, asking Yoon Si Yoon point-blank if he had have a girlfriend recently>

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Singer Kim Hyun Joong made the same age’s actor Yoo Si Yoon sweat.

SBS’s ‘I Love Sunday – Barefoot Friends’ (BFF) which will be aired on this coming 16th, will reveal the story that BFF members and the guest Lee Hyori had a get-together at Jiri mountain.

During the filming, Kim Hyun Joong and YSY went to out to the village to get something to eat along with rice for dinner. Right after leaving the house, Kim Hyun Joong asked a point-blank question to YSY if he had have a girlfriend recently.

Before YSY realized, he already answered and that made YSY ‘mentally collapse’ (*’멘붕’ is short for ‘mental collapse’ which is a buzzword in Korea these days). Since YSY got dragged into Kim Hyun Joong’s continuous questions, YSY confessed his ideal type and past girlfriend(s?) as well, which had the staff totally stumped too.

Besides, these two guys held a ‘mini ideal worldcup’, ‘who’s your favorite’ between the BFF female cast Lee Hyori and Uee. The same age friends even forgot their task ‘to get something to eat’ and enjoyed a long talk.

Kim Hyun Joong and Yoo Si Yoon’s direct and outspoken talk about love stories will be revealed on BFF on coming 16th at 4:50 PM.

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