Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Pic] Kim Hyun Joong Limited Merchandises from DATVshopping (Add Info)

Credit: http://datv.jp/shopping/user_data/packages/default/khj-luckbag2013.html

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Info trans by @OnlyKHJtimes

KIM HYUN JOONG Lucky Bag & Official Diary from
DATV shopping site

The pre-oder: Nov.6th 18:00~ till products run out
The recieving date: around Jan.13th 2013

DATV shopping site LTD Lucky bag A type: 4500yen
KHJ official table calender (Korean ver)
KHJ official wall calender (Korean ver)
KHJ Japan tour official photo set (5 photos)

*5 ppl for 2012 KHJ birthday anniversary stuffed animal
by lottery.

*One gift from KHJ HEAT T-shirt or KHJ HEAT heir band

DATV shopping site LTD Lucky bag B type: 5800yen
KHJ official table calender (Korean ver)
KHJ official wall calender (Korean ver)

*One item from
2012 KHJ 1st collection poster set
2012 KHJ 1st collection porch
2012 KHJ 1st collection bath towel
2012 KHJ 1st collection note
2012 KHJ 1st collection clear files (3 files)
2012 KHJ 1st collection Uchiwa
KHJ 2nd mini album Lucy (Korean normal ver)

*another 1 item form
KHJ JP tour official brochure
KHJ JP tour officila hair ribbon band
KHJ JP tour official IC card holder
KHJ JP tour official 4 pockets clear file
(comes wz 1 photo)
KHJ JP tour official silver necklace

KHJ official diary 2013 (Korean ver): 2300yen
size: abt 130x182mm
pages: 200 pages
content: 2013/2014 calender, free note, address pages,
subway map in Seoul, Busan etc

Lucky chance for 5 purchasers for ordering A type of and B type of Lucky bag!

Lucky 5 ppl will get KHJ table calender (JP ver) with KHJ autograph.

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