Monday, August 27, 2012

[News] Billboard Japan names Kim Hyun Joong as the most outstanding K-Pop Artist


Trans by Jackie Kim


South Korea and Japan over Dokdo [Billboard, Inc.] recent nalkaroweojigo continuously of Japan. However, cultural exchange is seamless. A number of countries, and still going strong, and Billboard Japan, oricon chart showing the power and get on the local influential music chart top. Billboard-pop Hot 100 chart anniversary of launch 1 k Billboard Japan Japan market in k-pop popular reporter why tried diagnose.

In the first half of Japan’s most significant star were who? Male group SS501, Kim Hyun Joong now solo ggobneun reporters. Kim Hyun Joong Japan debut single during last January’s release of Lucky Guy/ Kiss Kiss sold over 150,000 + in the first day. Last month released a single album, “Heat” also in the first week 165,000+ sold and made number one on the Oricon singles daily and weekly charts. His first DVD also swept the charts. Kim Hyun Joong is one the hottest stars in Japan. Billboard Japan Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi), and Mr. Hira (Hiraga) since the days of the “Kim Hyun Joong raise to popularity thanks to the SS501 and now as a solo as a singer successful debut.

If so, can one country at the expense of the Japan market with the most successful being the assessment of who? Billboard Japan chose their universally known as Dong Bang Shin Ki. Mr. Kresge Oka (Sugioka) hairs “TVXQ is still king and will be coming out new record, and three members of the exclusive agreement of affiliation” that went out with the team scored that phase was shaken. Smtown still a popular that TVXQ and BOA as the Foundation to first generation of Kpop. The resistance of the Japanese for Korean culture has been reduced a lot of consciousness “was.

Japan is the second largest in the world, and how I was able to penetrate the country market. Billboard Japan experts in the Japanese version, complete high performance, and a melody nostalgia. Yamaguchi has received verification from the South “is a popular song in Japanese translation and finally figured it was there.” Mr. Hira is turning ears “pop’s advantage makes attractive k. 1980-1990 ‘s J pop style and similar to the locals to give familiarity. Men and women can have beauty Japanese appreciate knowing about it looks also. ” Another official is the title of the “world music video produced by aiming for the market to be high. For the best in this ddulhril would lift up as much as a great scale “. Mr. Oka skiing system of management of quality is brought up to be and stay organized. “Like any visa to address exactly the genre music. Singer unearthing my system seems to be increasing day by day “, he said.

Japan has produced low-cost compared to k-pop singer’s recording ranks came up with that point of view. Mr. Yamaguchi and country of the saga “the record prices down so that you can easily buy CD showing. Relatively low price CD of a country and expanding market opportunity seems to be disappearing gradually reform plan Japan singer grow. “”

Then k-pop to top this broadens the seat stand? what supplements. “Mr. Hira is of a similar nature artist. We feel like we do “had noted that the personality. In addition, to create a star singer, “the ongoing issues. Influential singer added that “should be released. Skiing can be a country, “Mr. Oka activities other than aspect (Privacy exposure or rumors, and so on) that get noticed. A good image to have “had a straw called ssahagaya.

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