Monday, July 30, 2012

[News] ‘City Conquest' Kim Hyun Joong's Sleek Action Scene Revealed '7% Body Fat'



King Hyun Joong's hot action scenes are finally revealed.

A manly picture of Kim Hyun Joong capturing someone on the drama "City Conquest" were released. 

During the filming of this scene, he is covered with dirt on the floor, while showing his action skills. It's said that the staff members clapped for him as he showed his realistic action filled acting.

Kim Hyun Joong went to action school before filming, to perfect the role of the tough male character, Baek Mri.

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Through rigorous exercising and a strict diet, he lowered his body fat to 7%.

After seeing the picture, internet users responded, "He's so good looking and splendid during action scenes!," "I want to see the action seen in the drama soon." 

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