Saturday, July 7, 2012

[FanAccount] Kim Hyun Joong Handshake at Shikansen

Credit: tomato99 ‏@_tomato99

I’m on Shikansen now, komawuoyo- first hand shake was strong! HJ’s hand shake seems soft and kind, but this time he was manly(namja). His smile and his kind eyes, i am so happy that he looked at my eyes everytime. I will not forget this day! Thank you Leader for making us all happy(^^)

Greetings from HJ at end of session, “I was worried about rain, but it turned out okay, glad it did not get too hot! HEAT promotion is almost coming to end, and it is coming out very successful than expected. I appreciate for your love. I’ll do my best as actor and singer. (my expressions maybe wrong^^;)

concert on 14 and 15, like all other concerts, i am practicing it now to make it special.” and later spoke in Japanese, “Let’s meet in Saitama! See you again, Osaka.” Leader looked all around the venue and talked us with smile.\(^o^)/

I was lucky to see his greetings in front, and when he moved out, all fans acted orderly listening to SPs instructions. It’s kind of odd of me saying this, but I was happy and report this to you☆ I may be missing some things out, mianeyo^^;

RT @startomo: 新幹線なう。コマオヨ〜。始めは特に力強い握手!リダとの握手は手が柔らかくほんわかしてる印象がまず残りますが、今回はナムジャだなぁと。笑顔のうえに、あの破顔な笑顔の時の目元も☆毎回必ず目を見てくれたのも嬉しかったぁ!忘れられない1日!リダ、みんなを幸せにしてくれてコマオヨ(^ ^)


握手会最後のリダの挨拶続き。『14.15日のライブはどのライブもそうですが、そのライブが特別なライブになるように、今練習しています…。』のあとに、日本語で、『埼玉で逢いましょう!またね、大阪』と、話してくれました。 リダ会場を順に見ながら、笑顔で話してくれました\(^o^)/

そしてその最後のリダの挨拶は、ラッキーにも前の方で見られたのですが、移動の時も、マッキーさんの指示に従って、押しあわずペンの皆さん行動してました(^ ^) わたしが言うのも…ですが、ちょっと嬉しかったです!と言うわけでご報告でした☆ 内容抜けていると思いますが……ミアネヨ^^;

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