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[News] Kim HyunJoong: Like plain & simple girl, admires Zhang ZiYi and like Fan BingBing [12.05.30]

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In the current Korean wave, Kim HyunJoong’s name is a golden standard. ‘Hanazawa Rui”s melancholy, Baek SeungJo’s pride, all these images that were popular in Asia were originated from Kim HyunJoong, but it was not completely him. Holding his fan meeting in Shanghai grand stage on 9 June, the reporter was trying to search for the actual appearance of this Korean perfect idol in this exclusive interview: This XiaoLongBao fan who was practicing mandarin diligently, proudly mentioned his ambitious heart in the china market, hand-picked 3 artists in China entertainment circle whom he wishes to work with. As for him in private, he said that rather than be a Prince charming, might as well be a normal man who do his work well, other than his friendship with his boss Bae Yong Joon, his concept of love is very simple, “The perfect girl in my heart must be like a friend.”

Admires Zhang ZiYi and like Fan BingBing

In about 10days time to this round’s Shanghai fan meeting, during the interview, Kim HyunJoong was practicing mandarin diligently. The difficult language was giving this perfect idol headache. He complained: ‘If asking me to learn Shanghainese concurrently, it is really too hard for me! Although Shanghainese sounds a little like Japanese, but I really don’t dare to learn.” Kim HyunJoong mentioned that he had prepared something special for Shanghai fans, but he wanted to keep it as a secret first. “Comparing to other places, Shanghai fans have more understanding of me, SS501 had held 2 successful concerts in Shanghai, 3 months ago I was guest for TGC show, therefore I’m thinking how to present something completely different from usual to everybody.”

Kim HyunJoong said the reason that he like Shanghai is very simple: Unfamiliar at 1st but getting use to it thereafter. Because he has been visiting Shanghai for many times, Shanghai could be considered as the city which he most familiar with in China. Although he couldn’t get use to the sweetish based food in Shanghai, but this Korean popular idol is a fan to Shanghai cuisine, Hu Cai (especially Xiao Long Bao). Talking about Shanghai, Kim HyunJoong proudly recalled, starting from 2008 he had already performed in Shanghai grand stage, had great performances and experience in a great venue. For his 4 stops FanMeeting this round, the organizer had informed him that his Shanghai fans were most supportive and ticket sales were the best. “This city is very modern & full of live. Most important of all I have always received most love over here. This is the reason why I love here!”

Recently, a lot of Korean top star has started to venture into China market, his performance this round could be viewed as a sign of his career advancement. He mentioned frankly, he has never stopped his foot steps into China market. “Whether from the previous years during SS501 period or singing mandarin song during Guangzhou Asia Game, actually it has clearly explained that I really valued the China Market. I know that previously those who are more popular in China were mostly in the form of groups like H.O.T, Shinhwa, Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior, but I wish to see as a solo, whether I can achieve such results or exceed their results, this is my goal. This round of 4 FanMeetings are my new attempt, if I can be successful, I will bring even more wonderful performance for fans in future.”

Kim HyunJoong’s goal is definitely not stopped at the China Music circle, already holding tightly on the front-line position in Korea entertainment circle, he has also targeted China movie producers, “I know that there are a lot of good directors in China, and also have a lot of good works. If wanted to work with China director, I will choose to start from drama.” Towards his ambitious mind to China market, Kim HyunJoong doesn’t avoid, as for which China female star has left him a deeper impression, he has hand-picked Zhang ZiYi, Fan BingBing and Cecilia Cheung these 3 beauties. “They are rather popular in Korea, their qualities are different from Korean actress, I felt that each of them have their own unique character.”

Bae Yong Joon is too quiet and I love liveliness

In drama, whether Korean version of ‘Boys over Flowers”s Hanazawa Rui, or Korean version of ‘Mischievous Kiss”s Baek SeungJo, Kim HyunJoong has crafted a lot of Prince charming image in these popular Korean drama, when asked about the differences with him in actual life, Kim HyunJoong replied: “For the image, because I am an artist, so there were not much differences. But in real life, I am more admired of a person who can do his work well. I wish that I can become a person who will work hard when working, and play hard when playing.”

Kim HyunJoong frankly expressed, he will go all out when fallen in love, “If there is really a girl whom I like, I will persist on to love, no matter how hard it is.” When acting in drama, each female character had their differences, but he was very aware of acting and reality, therefore he would not seek his perfect type in the virtual world: “The perfect girl in my mind must be able to get along like a friend, has no impurities in character, do not like heavy makeup normally, a girl who looks simple externally. Has a simple and honest character, able to get along well with my friends and me.”

Actually, Kim HyunJoong had once shown his actual look when he was fallen in love. In the popular variety show ‘We Got Married’, he spend an imaginary marriage life together with HuangBo who are 6 years elder than him, this imaginary ‘Elder sister Younger brother love’ had created great responses in Korea and Asia, and was warmly called the ‘Ssangchu couple’, and also became the opportunity for his popularity. He recalled: “It was ‘We Got Married’ that allowed me to gain my first popularity. Internet was really miraculous, those popular variety show in Korean could actually gain similar acceptance in China which has language barrier.” In the heart of this ‘Little groom’, he still missed the time which they worked together, remembering that although as a senior, she had not given him any pressure, allowing him to show his most naturally condition during the program recording: “Together with Senior HwangBo, appearing infront of everybody as a imaginary couple, during that period we really had very good rapport, and was really missed the cooperation. Although usually we were busy as artists, so didn’t have much contacts, of course if there are suitable chance, will consider to work together.”

Friendship among man is equally important to him, Starting from SS501 period Kim HyunJoong had already placed DBSK as his goal, he mentioned that he really admires his best friend Kim JaeJoong and Park YooChun. As for his senior Bae Yong Joon who was like a mentor, he has another kind of feeling: “He could be considered as my boss, senior and teacher. Although most of the time both of us were so busy until have difficulties to meet, but if any of us need help from another party, the other party will go all out to render his help. During the last meeting, didn’t mentioned anything about work to him, but only have normal talk. Personally, I love to be more lively, love soccer, drinking and tour; Bae Yong Joon loves quiet, like pottery, if really want me to live like him, I will feel very uncomfortable. I loves freedom, when have no work will want to release myself, because of that I like soccer and going on tour.”

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