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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Trims fingernails to shake hands with fans, working out to build muscles [12.05.12]

Credit: 星岛日报 + (Eng Trans)

Trims fingernails before shaking hand with fans
Korean pop star Kim Hyun Joong will stage ‘Asia Tour Fanmeet’ at Asia World arena today. He arrived in Hong Kong yesterday for a press conference, although it was only 10 minutes long, but it was the first birthday celebration for Hyun joong this year. And Hyun Joong also reveals that he is working out to build muscles for his upcoming drama.

Kim Hyun Joong arrived in HK yesterday morning at 10:50 to prepare for today’s fm. About 150 fans were waiting at the airport with banners to welcome him. However, Kim Hyun Joong left via VIP exit. Fans heard the news and rushed to the carpark. Hyun Joong gave friendly waves, some excited fans even ran onto the road to catch a glimpse of their idol, putting their safety aside, it was a chaos at the scene.

[Wish company to release U:zoosin]

First time coming to HK as a solo artist, Kim Hyun Joong greeted media at press conference in cantonese, “hello everyone, I’m Kim Hyun Joong’. But his cantonese is half mixed with Chinese, although the MC tried teaching him for several times, but the outcomes are still the same, it was very funny at that moment.

Kim Hyun Joong also known for his 4D personality, created character U:Zoosin (god of universe), he honestly expressed his believes in creatures in outerspace, he also thought of creating some friends for u:zoosin. He even wished that his u:zoosin can be produced by company onto the market. As for birthday, he said that he wishes to get together with friends for a meal after his scheudules. Birthday wish is to have a successful ‘Asia Tour’! After seeing the u:zoosin cake prepared for him, he laughed ‘there’s still a month to birthday, but can treat this as an early celebration. Hong Kong is my first birthday celebration this year.’.
Although press conference only lasted for 10 minutes, but one-on-one interview with media was a full 20 mins, he also jokingly said that he specially trimmed fingernails in order to shake hands with fans. He prepared special VCR to be shown and will be performing 16 songs in total.

[Drama teacher follows the trip]

When talked about his upcoming drama ‘City of conquest’, he stated that he has already looked through the comic version, there’s also a drama teacher following him on his tour, checking scripts with him. He would be exercising to build his muscles at any given place and time as long as he is free, to suit the image of his role. Transforming from the gentle image he had before into a grown up, more manly image, he is also not worried of many action scenes that involves fights. Even though he has been busy with his asia tour, but he did not forget about Parents day on 8th May, he expressed that although he was not able to celebrate with parents, but has phoned them in the morning to deliver his well wishes, in addition he also sent over his allowances. When asked about if he would buy a house for his parents as present, he carefully avoided to answer as it is too personal. About being the number one ‘Healing Idol’, he said that he does not really know about that, and modestly stated that he thinks many of his seniors and juniors,they are doing a much greater job than him in terms of this. But if his friends were to talk to him, he would be very honest to say whats on his mind and would not cover up the obvious just to console them.

Furthermore, the press conference held yesterday has attracted over 50 medias, there were even fans who pretended to be media to sneak into the press conference. However, they were stopped by security guards while trying to do so.

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