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[FanAccount] Kim Hyun Joong Asia tour 2012 in Singapore


So here is my fanaccount for hyun joong’s visit to singapore this time round. A lot of words i wanted to write here, but suddenly don’t know where to begin… The withdrawal syndrome is the worst i have experienced among all the times i have seen him. Maybe it’s because this is the only time i didnt really see him around much?
Anyways, i really really have to say that his vocals improved tremendously, im commenting on this not because im biased towards him, but if you were to compare, he has definitely been working on singing skills.
Generally, i believe that many of you out there could feel that he is much much happier this time round?? From what i see, he is really happy to embark on his solo FM tour, getting a real chance to interact with each and everyone of us. There were no boundaries set at his press conference on what to ask and what not to ask too. He smiled more and even wind down the window to wave to fans~ (previous trip, there were shades put up before the car windows, so cant even see him)

Day 1 (12/5/2)
His arrival day! since it’s a Wednesday and he is landing at noon, initially i was quite worried that fans wont be able to make it to the airport due to work and school. Was thinking all morning if i should skip my last lesson of the day to cab down to airport. However, i decided not to at the end, although the teacher was not here during that period, but it would be really bad for me to leave my group alone to discuss on PW. I was relieved to see that quite a crowd were gathered at the airport to welcome leader! ^^ Once my school ended, i changed into my home clothes and went down to his hotel. Thankfully, Karen unnie captured a good video earlier at the airport, i was able to watch her fancam before his press conference :) ))

During the press conference, KHJ was very relaxed, he was in a good mood, smiling, waving to the medias there. Many questions were asked by the mc to him regarding what he will be performing on Friday, until when hyun joong remarked that she should move on to other questions, and not keep on asking him about Friday. (personally, i felt that the MC lady should have done some homework before the press con… but the good thing about her was that she was very ‘on’) KHJ smiled and waved to the left side of the room, but i failed to take a shot because my camera was loading T-T, was so regretful on why didnt i bring my dslr there. Nevertheless, i captured his every movement with my eyes, lols, hopefully it’s still vivid in my brain! Hyun Joong said he choose to start his asia tour in Singapore as he likes Singapore a lot, and fans have received him with warm hearts each time he came. But he said this is his 3rd time here…(this is actually his 4th time) i guess he was misleaded by the mc, who asked him about ‘so, this is your 3rd time here, what do you….’. He talked about MBS, USS, the beach and stuffs he liked about Singapore. He also expressed that he will be walking the streets, so if fans saw him, dont be afraid to say hi~

After the press conference, hyun joong proceeded on with one-on-one interviews with mainstream medias. I was able to pass him a little present through unnie~ really hope he liked it, although im not a good at xxxxxxx. Dinner with unnies at bibigo~! As my brain was really ‘fried’ due to all the exams that week, and it was further electrocuted by Hyun Joong’s charisma at PC, i was very random+weird+outta my mind that night. So thanks to all of you who tolerated my acts on Wednesday! i love u all~~

Remembering i still have a biology test the next day, i went home straight after the dinner. Actually none of the bio stuffs diffused into my brain that night, because the ‘KHJ concertration’ is too high!! no space for other stuffs..

Day 2 – 12.5.3

It’s his rehersal day, a day that i did not see him at all or i should say did not even plan to see him. Lessons ended really late at around 9:30pm…so quite impossible to go hotel and whatsoever…
Studied my biology on the mrt train to school in the morning, hopefully i passes my paper.. fingers crossed, i believe the god of universe will ‘look over’ me all the time. ^^

Uploaded some of the press conference photos from 2nd May onto this blog, feel free to check here :

Day 3 – 12.5.4
A bit sorry that the surprise plan for KHJ was not carried out in the end.. due to many factors. But it’s okay, i was able to see many fans gave KHJ their full-hearted support at the fm that night.
OMG, i really really loved KHJ’s performances!!! dont you???? ‘He has the X-factor’ i remembered what my school teacher once told me. Yes, Hyun joong has that ‘X-FACTOR’ to make you fall in love with him the second u saw him. He could make you feel the happiness in the air~~ haha, ‘happiness without you baby~~~’ .
His english is not good, but that’s what made him sooooo cute!! His accent, and uncertainties when he spoke in English, keke, adorable!!

a fancam i took of him saying the lyrics in english during the fm :

Cute right!?? KHJ has changed/evolved…keke, i remember how he dislikes to act cute ever since ‘Thanks for Waking Me Up’. But on friday night, so many cute actions by KHJ!! Truly as what people said, a kid at heart? ^^
Oh ya, speaking of cute, just remembered that, KHJ changed his usual pose, to a sudden victory sign, then smiled shyly, looking at the ground at the end of the press conference!~!

KHJ heated up the stadium, lighted up the stage, captured hearts of 3000 fans on Friday night. He personally requested to have hi-5 session with all fans in the stadium. (originally, suppose to be only 500 lucky fans can get the chance.) He is always so caring and thoughtful for the fans, knowing that all of us want to have a close look at him. He kept smiling and saying ‘thank you’ over and over again to all fans that hi-5 with him. While waiting for my turn, i was actually admiring him, respecting his professionalism as an artiste, who kept his bright smile after the concert, throughout the whole hi5 session, not a single sign a tiredness shown. He kept to one posture and lasts to the very end, the whole process was about an hour and a half. Just looking at him handshaking thousands of times make me feel very sorry for him… It’s because of us who want to get close up with him, that’s what caused him to be even more tired after putting up a great show. As a fan, i felt really sorry and guilty for my own greed. I think many of you out there thought the same way, maybe???

After the whole fanmeet and hi5 ended. KHJ came out from the stadium, surprised to see him still able to smile brightly and waved last goodbyes to fans. (check my watch, it was almost midnight) After he got onto the car, as the car slowly drove pass the row of fans, he winded down the window and waved to fans once more~

I was told that he went to Todai for after party~~


that’s the 3 days of KHJism. felt as it all was so unreal, just like living in a dream all along, and now it’s time to wake up.
Uri god of universe did not leave SG with the rest of his staffs, dancers on 5th, instead, he extended his stay, and really did walk around S’pore. MBS, USS, chili crab.. lols, heard that he paid 74 bucks just to play transformers (the ride) in uss. He wore the jacket and cap from USS on sunday when he left singapore.
As he left, i felt sad that all this is over. What a fun week anticipating his arrival, seeing him again in person, then knowing that he would be leaving again. A part of me just died inside :(

All in all, KHJ really brought joy to me (and others, i assume that all are happy after meeting khj?). Thanks to KHJ for letting me break away from my study and finally let me enjoy my life (outside school) again! It’s been months since i had so much fun, school is really taking away all my time…

I’m also very happy to meet up with friends again, also meeting new ones ^^ It’s always a pleasure to meet other fans of KHJ. In addition, i would like to thank LKHJ & BB unnie for the present :) Karen unnie for sparing me an extra battery~ Rebby for telling me that ‘great story!’, Samuel for keeping a look out for security guards during the concert!! you saved me a lot of times from gonna caught by security!! ^^

Most importantly, thank you KIM HYUN JOONG for coming to Singapore, giving the Hi-5 session, and your generosity of giving fans ur specially designed u:zoosin shirt and brooch. ^^

(p.s. If there are people i left out to thank, please be assured that i am always thankful to you from the bottom of my heart, might have not written it down, but you are always in the back of my mind ^^)

–Zi Qi ♥

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