Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Article] Top 10 highlights of Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore Fan Meeting 2012

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Running Into The Sun
Videos: Teng Siew Eng


It felt more like a mini-concert with value-added fan interaction, going by the amount of songs Kim Hyun Joong performed for fans last night at the first stop for his Asia tour of Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore.

Flanked by a total of 10 dancers, Hyun Joong opened the two-hour long show with fast-paced tracks such as 'Let Me Go', 'Breakdown' and 'Please', and upped the ante of the show when he flaunted his man abs at the end of his third song.

Singing and dancing non-stop to a total of nine songs from his boyband days, drama shows, and two mini-albums, Breakdown and Lucky Guy, he got his fans to participate in a sing-along for 'Happiness', with specially rewrote lyrics in English that went: Happiness without you, I cannot imagine it.

He got fans cooing when he added in Korean, "I feel that this song truly expresses my feeling to all of you guys. I'll put in my whole heart, and I really love this line so I've prepared it in English so that we can sing it together."

We revisit the top 10 highlights of Kim Hyun Joong's Singapore Fan Meeting 2012 below.Read on and relive the best moments now!


#1 Hyun Joong's man abs
Having evolved from pretty boy next door in Boys Over Flowers to masculine hunk with an enviable bod in his first solo mini-album, Break Down, he teased fans when he unbuttoned his blazer at the end of his third song, 'Please', to showcase his ample chest. This definitely explains for his deep-v tops and sexy blazer-sans-the-shirt getup during the event.


#2 Hyun Joong's ageyo
He's straightforward and a little offbeat, together with his newly-crafted manly image these are some of the many reasons why it's a rarity to see him do any 'ageyo' (cutesy actions) before a crowd. Last night, during the stage activities with five fans, Hyun Joong showed off his cute antics when he reenacted three iconic blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe's signature moves. That's priceless.


#3 First performance of 'I am Your Man' on stage
In the words of Hyun Joong "You guys are so lucky to be here at the stadium with me tonight. Are you curious why? It's because, this song ('I am Your Man') is sang officially on stage for the first time."


#4 Live rendition of 'Because I'm Stupid'
Before it was recorded as an acoustic soundtrack for Hyun Joong debut acting series, Boys Over Flowers, this song - 'Because I'm Stupid' was originally performed by Korean boyband SS501, which leader Kim hails from. Seeing how members of SS501 are concentrating on their solo careers right now, we're sure fans seated amongst the audience, who are fans of both Hyun Joong and the group, were secretly pleased and delighted when he gave a throwback to his boyband days with this song.


#5 Serenade a fan
On top of his songs and dance, what's a fan meet without the usual games and solo serenades? After the game segment with five selected fans who each got to bring home a mini present and truckloads of memories from their moment spent on stage with the Korean hottie, Hyun Joong surprised everyone when he later popped back up on stage, with one of the fans, and serenaded her with the love ballad 'Marry You', topping it off with a bouquet of red roses, and a mini cuddle on the bench. And we heard the fan girls breathe a collective sigh of envy when he took that lucky fan by her hand...


#6 Hyun Joong's brand of humour
Yes, the proceedings of the fan meeting was designed and planned by the Korean heartthrob himself. Fans were given a hearty dose of his offbeat humour during his solo serenade when said fan was wheeled out on a hospital bed. The atmosphere was heightened when "he" supposedly leaned in for a kiss with the girl -- behind a 'smoke screen' -- and gasps of shock was heard throughout the crowd. Imagine everyone's relief when the screen was wheeled away to reveal his dancers behind the 'kiss' instead. Hyun Joong ah, you're such a tease.


#7 Mini-concert with lots of singing
Hyun Joong fives fans more bang for the buck. We counted, the 25-year-old performed to a total of 15 songs last night - an amount that exceeded our initial expectations for a fan meeting.


#8 Upclose interaction
He made sure everyone sitting far away were given an opportunity to see him upclose. He reappeared at the back of the hall and slowly made his way to the front of the stage while shaking the hands of fans and dazzling them with his bright smile during a love ballad performance.


#9 Hyun Joong gets fun with water
Yes, he took a mouthful of water from a mineral bottle and proceeded to flick the rest of its contents towards the screaming crowd, whom appeared to be more than happy to bask in what we like to call - Hyun Joong's showers of blessings.


#10 The high-five session
Definitely the highlight and record-breaking moment of the night, the 1hr16mins long session saw fans queue up in orderly fashion as everyone took turns to make their way up the stage to 'collect' their high-five or handshake with Hyun Joong. For someone who enjoys massive appeal amongst the young and old, we sighted a young toddler, and two elderly 72-year-old Filipino grandmothers, who were on wheelchairs, going for a handshake with him. And yes, he high-fived/handshaked everyone single person in the stadium that night.


  1. Wish it were in Bkk , he is always caring and made sure of what was paid for the ticket by his fans were fully paid of ,plus strengthen relationships between him and fan club in to unbreakable point. Never disappointed to like and support him for more than 7 years and will continue and wish that he met his goals and dreams soonest and of course far exceeding his Boss ,Bay Yong Joon admirations by the world fan club.