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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on MBC Weekidol Idol ver.해품달 훤役 Best 2위 (Add Trans)

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English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/

Kim Hyun Joong Ranked "2nd" ''Best Idol Version Of 'Moon Embraces The Sun' Lee Hwon''

JYJ members' Park Yoochun ranked as the most suitable idol-version of drama 'Moon Embraces The Sun' Lee Hwon's character among singers.

In the broadcast of MBC Everyone's Weekly Idol's corner [Real Chart! Idol's Self-ranking], the ''Best 3 idol-version guesting ranking'' in the 40% viewership rating nation hit drama 'Moon Embraces The Sun' was revealed.

Through the netizens' voting in a survey site, Park Yoochun was ranked 1st among the idol singers as the most suitable idol to act as Lee Hwon's character in Moon Embraces The Sun, which is portrayed by Kim Soohyun currently. Yoochun who perfectly suits the royal robe together with his impeccable beauty image, it was one of the reason that Park Yoochun was voted for the idol-version of 'the strong yet delicate Lee Hwon' as he fits the criteria.

Aside from Park Yoochun, singer-actor Kim HyunJoong & CN Blue Jung Yonghwa was ranked 2nd & 3rd respectively as the best 3 idol-version of Lee Hwon.

P/S: In the original article, the reporter mistakenly written MBLAQ's Lee Joon in the 3rd paragraph. Lee Joon was chosen too, but he was under the idol-version of 'Moon Embraces The Sun' Prince Yangmyung, not Lee Hwon.


The reason that HyunJoong was ranked 2nd place as the most suitable idol-version of 'Moon Embraces The Sun' Lee Hwon was because of HyunJoong's self-confidence to admit his handsomeness as Lee Hwon said the similar line in the drama. Our 4-D pretty boy a.k.a 'narcissist' king, Kim HyunJoong!

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