Monday, March 26, 2012

[News] Ady An nearly lost her handbag in the washroom just to take autograph & photo with HyunJoong


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Ady, the day before yesterday to attend the TGC Fashion Festival held in Shanghai, live star-studded, Ady, in order to help the little cousin to the Han Kim Hyun Joong’s signature, actually forget absence will be more than 50 million of the Chanel bag in the toilet, but fortunately picked up by the cleaning staff, returned.

The party last night in this fashion, in addition to the Ady also invited mainland singer Bibi Japan Sasaki hope, the W-inds., South Korea’s Kim Hyun Joong, Park Hae Jin, Park Shin Hye and her rumored boyfriend, Lee Seung-Hyun.

Kim Hyun Joong to perform the finale of the evening, until the minute before the performers arrived backstage, and from Ann Hin where the VIP rooms, very far away, but Ady said: “Promise little cousin, no way.” She stepped on the 15 cm high Heels bolted in the background, and finally by Lee Seung-Hyun introductions, complete to be signed mission, pictured with Kim Hyun Joong happy.

Until the task is completed, she found that they just bought a Chanel bag to have forgotten two hours in the toilet, of course, already was missing. Fortunately, the last in the management of room to retrieve the bag.

Ady said: “almost 50 tens of thousands of so fly! VERTU mobile phone there is a 30 bag of tens of thousands, the one the iPhone, credit cards and documents, I am scared in a cold sweat.”

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