Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[FanAccount] Kim Hyun Joong Paid for Fans's Meal at Jaksal Restaurant

Original Korean Fan Account via twtkr by @pink_floccus (http://kinghyunjoong.com/)
Korean to Chinese translation via weibo by everhyblue 

English Translation by June chapelle and Yuling of lovekimhyunjoong.com

An Account shared in weibo when HJ was in Jaksal... HJ is so generous, he paid for the meals of the fans.

Please note that this is a direct translation of the Chinese translation of the fan account posted by Korean fan
As such, it may seem strange grammatically and structurally :?
But I usually try to stay as closely as possible to the last translation... in this case, the Chinese one ^^
So please bear with the strangeness ;)

Based on discussions on weibo among Chinese fans regarding the fan account
HJ seemed to have paid for all his fans at Jaksal Sadang with his card before leaving
He seemed to have asked for fans to be told that their bills were settled only after he'd left
He also seemed to have told the staff that he would notify them of his visit next time (sudden visit?!)
Not sure how much of the above are true though ^^
But... sound like something he'd do 8-)

120312 #Kim Hyun Joong# Jaksal Sadang Fan Account

Suddenly stood and pouted, Hyun Joong ah…

Picked up the coat that has fallen onto the ground between 2 tables and placed it on the back of chair…. warm guy ah TT
TT The clothes… this guy!!! ><

Cos sitting there on my own, asked why I was there alone with worries (?), Hyun Joong ah
KK Cute TT Cute to death TT TT TT

China’s Ding Hai Ming said he’d like to meet and contacted you, came before other appointment…

SS501 China trip’s female translator was also present ~

For Ding Hai Ming who’s visiting Jaksal for the first time, let people eat this and eat that, Hyun Joong ah!!!

And when leaving, quietly paid for fans… said to fans after leaving, will say next time TT TT TT
This kind of entertainer… where to find ah!!!!

hihi...it's been a long time since I last posted here, I hope everyone is doing well wherever you are. :)


Thank you June for sharing the fan account above too. :)
Saw this fan account from KHJ Baidu, more tidbits about him being spotted in Jaksal.

转自微博@Gelzo (Reposted from weibo @Gelzo)
(翻译:爱)(Translated by: Ai)


HJ said hello to the fans in Jaksal. While he was preparing to leave as he had other matters on, there was a fan who said that there was another fan who was on her way to Jaksal and asked if HJ could wait for a while for her. HJ then sat down again to wait for the fan. Because there were fans who had just arrived when he was leaving, HJ then pulled down the car window to say hello to them. All in all, HJ stayed for about an hour in Jaksal.

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