Monday, March 12, 2012

[Article] What is Kim Hyun Joong up to? What are you up to?


KHJ, working hard last year before his first album, Break Down was released.
So what is KHJ up to now? Photo credit: KeyEast 2011

Dear friends from the world of Henecia,

What have you been busy with lately?

Hope this message finds you all well.

After a year of whirlwind activities, Kim Hyun Joong-ssi is seemingly on hiatus. 

Every one of us is anxious to hear any snippet of news about him. 

We wonder, we speculate, we blog, we tweet, we gaze lovingly at his pictures and rewatch old interviews...and then we wonder and speculate and tweet some more.

We know the agony of waiting. The suspense. 

And it is in this spirit of wanting to appease, somewhat, this 'insatiable hunger' for KHJ's news, that we share this with you:

A trusted source who is close to KeyEast has revealed to us that HJ is now busy taking acting lessons, not with just 1, but with 2 acting teachers.

The words said were: "He is working very, very hard..."

Expectations among many of his fans are high for a new drama.

We know how HJ always pushes himself...and we know he doesn't want to disappoint us in his next undertaking.

At the same time, as we all know, HJ has talked about a new album sometime in June/July...and also possibly an album to be released in China (or a Chinese album).

However, the source mentioned that due to his preparations for this drama - the details of which are still fluid - there may be possible delays in his album release(s).

Having said all this, you can choose to believe or disbelieve this account, as we will not reveal who our source is.

But those who have followed us on our blog and on Twitter should know that we seldom, if at all, speculate. 

And we are not in the habit of spreading unfounded rumours or cooking up stories just to seem to be 'in the know'. That is just not our style.

Regardless of what you may choose to believe...we just have one thing to say:

Please be patient for Hyun Joong. As fans, we cannot dictate what he should or shouldn't do or when to do them. We can only support him and wish him all the best whenever we can.

And most of all, while we watch over him, we must believe in him too.

So Hyun Joong is busy preparing and training himself so that he doesn't disappoint us when he meets us next.

What about you? What are you busy with lately?

To all our friends and would-be friends in the Henecia world, we hope that in this lull, you will be able to catch up with good friends, loved ones, studies, work...etcetera...

For the next time we 'meet', we will be hwaiting for HJ it in streaming, voting, or cheering him on.

Until then...

Warmest regards,


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