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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong's Interview in AnAn Magazine

Trans: Lafone (Japanese-English translation)


Kiss me sweetly, Kim Hyun Joong !
A really handsome guy I look twice in spite of myself.
A slendar and strongly built masculine body.
The more you know about him, the more you will get addicted to him.
An exclusive interview of such a perfect guy, Kim Hyun Joong !

Question 1 : What made you burst into laugh recently ?
Recently I saw “옹달샘 (a variety program) “. Though I don’t usually see TV,
I happened to tune in, seeing Yu Se-Yun ssi (유세윤, a Korean comedian ) mimic many animals ! It was so funny that I burst into laugh though though I rarely did it.

Question 2: What made you cry most recely?
I rarely cry, even though I see a sad-story movie. It’s a shame for me if friends recognize me to cry. Oh I don’t go to cinema alone, always with someone.
However, I cried once on June 7, the last year on the occasion of the showcase in Seoul which was the first event for me as a solo artist. I shead tears without knowing by myself. Though my eyes were full with tears, but I did not cry.

Question 3: For what you felt angry most ?
I don’t remember . I didn’t get angry recently. I don’t have a feeling of angry in myself. Therefor, I cannot remember when and for what I got upset last time.
I think that people get angry when they know they cannot be self-assertive. Anger does change nothing. I think that it is much wiser to try best in problem –solving.

Question 4: If you were not an artist, what had you been doing?
I should have been doing something related to music. I cannot live without music. There are many people working in music-related business even though they are not an entertainer. Music naturally exists around people. I think that even a mobile ringtone is a sort of music ……… but I always keep my mobile in a silent mode (laugh). I feel embarrassed if someone recognizes the ringtone of my mobile.

Question 5: You are a member of FC MEN, an artists football team. Which is the best position for you?
The positions are not fixed actually. If I am in good shape, I attack in a forward position, but if not, I go back and defend. But I feel confident being FW as I can kick both-handed. I can kick a shoot both-handed; that’s my strength.


Part 2

Love is sweet and dramatic !
KHJ:   I did not have even a day-off the last year.  I was so busy that I could not remember how I spend my time.  Among that tight schedule, the Japan tour I had in November, the last year was an precious memory for me. I was so happy to see how long Japanese fans had been waiting for me that I unintentionally talked the things which should not be disclosed (* about his new drama ) .  I also threw away a unfinished plastic bottle of mineral water to the audience (laugh) .   It may be something special of my concert.  So, I will continue this kind of things, perhaps.
I also enjoyed eating many specialities of the local area in Japan.  I love class B Gurume ( delicious but inexpensive dishes), such as pork bone broth ramen, chiken wing tip, Okonomiyaki ( a savoury pancake with many ingredients, a speciality dish in Hiroshima pref. ) and so on.

Debut single, Kiss Kiss, a sweet dancing song,
KHJ:  I had no problem in singing this song in Japanese.  The pronounciation of “ tsu “  (usually hard for Koreans to properly pronounce) was also fine with me.  It was rather hard for me to struggle to keep awake as the recording of Japanese album took place midnight.  There is a saying in Korea that if a singer listens to a ghost’s voice, his/her album will make a big success, but unfortunately I could not listen to it.  I had a hard time to keep my eyes open^^   However, with so many fans’ support, I believe that my album will be a big hit.

The most favorite part of Kiss Kiss ?
The most favorite part is the hook of this song, “ Kiss Kiss, Sweet “ While blewing a kiss, he dances by  rocking his body from side to side.  He sings this phrases with such a cute choreography.
KHJ:  On the stage, looking at the eyes of the audience, I sing this song with my love to them, as if I would kiss to them.  I really wanted to put the word “sweet” (amai in Japanese) in this phrase, because “ love “ is sweet and dramatic, right?

How do you imagine a dramatic love ?
KHJ:   Let me see ……….  Based on my experience, it seems the first love because it is a long-lasting memory for everyone, and a precious memory for myself as well.  “ A dramatic love” in imagination …. it may be coming across with the ex-girlfriend ?  If I happen to see her in such a situation, I may feel a strange emotion.

The objective of this year in Japan ? 
You mainly focus on music activities this year.  Your objective is Arena Tour in Japan ?
KHJ:  I am happy about being No. 1 in the music chart, but I strongly hope to have concerts in many cities as there are chances to see many people.  When I realize this, Arena tour, I will show you a great performance. You can expect much.   If  I could hope for more, I would like to challenge for a drama or a movie in Japan because I think that there are interesting themes in  Japanese drama/moivies.  I should work harder in Japanese for that.

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