Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Pic] fanpic Kim Hyun Joong Safe Inside Car [12.01.03]

Leader was picked up by a black Mercedes or Audi's VIP channel exit is T2

Credit: as tagged


car3 car2


Reason for the bad organizing for KHJ in Beijing Airport: There was no official schedule update for his trip to China for TFS promotion. Due to the reason that HJ took the same flight with one of the US governor, most of the guards were assigned to the US governer so there was insufficient guards for HJ. HJ wanted to exit via the normal exit but under the circumstances, it's really difficult for him to use the normal exit. So, they waited inside the airport for around 1 hour + until the VIP gate was opened for him to exit the airport. (cr: @no酱油花)

In other words: organizer + airport problems.

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