Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Message] Kim Hyun Joong left a message on his official webby ( (16th story…….) [12.01.22]

Credit: hyun-joong.com16th message Translation by 은지

Happy new year! now i will go to japan……….^^ I will come back eating many japanese noodlesㅋㅋyesterday i slept early so i wake up 6;32 now im free. i already prepared to go to japan..ㅋㅋ already finish shower. today is lunar new year day, so dont come to airport. i hope you just take a restㅋㅋ if you come to airport,i will not say hello. i want you having a rest. coz its holiday. ^^did you enjoy yesterday?????? me eatherㅋㅋ staff said that they enjoyed tooㅋㅋ.anyway i hope you healthy & happy. and most of all i wanna say 새해복 많이받으세요,happy new year! and dont come to ariport. just take care.coz you maybe tiredㅋㅋ


Translation: Wonderrrgirl

Happy new year^^

I’m going to Japan………………….^^ I’ll go and come back eating lots of kyudong (rice with beef & egg) and ramyeon. My heart is pounding as I am looking forward to the food on the plane. I went to bed early and woke up at 6:32am -.-;;

I’ve nothing to do… I’ve already packed my bag…keke.. and showered.

Its new year so don’t come send me off at the airport and rest keke.. Even if you don’t come I will be okay with it. Today I will be indifferent and if the photos don’t come out well, don’t regret it^^ Yesterday was fun, right????????

I had a great time too keke. The staff had a great time too keke. Anyway everyone do take care of your health this year and don’t let yourself be sick.

I hope everyone will be filled up with the things that makes you smile.

Today’s main topic is Happy New Year…….. keke, and don’t come to the airport, just rest keke

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