Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong JP Debut Single Preview (Eng Trans)



Japanese~English Translation: miyo

Kim Hyun Joong Japan Debut Single 「KISS KISS/Lucky Guy」 Preview

It has been decided to have a preview for Kim Hyun Joong's Japan debut single 「KISS KISS/Lucky Guy」 which is to be on sale from 25th January!

We will select 35 members each from HENECIA JAPAN members and mobile members, a total of 70 members will be invited!

On the very day, not only will we be showing 「KISS KISS」 MUSIC VIDEO but also showing the unreleased and off shot footages of the AEON 「Kizuna musubu, Valentine」 CM which Kim Hyun Joong did.
In addition, 「Lucky Guy」 MUSIC VIDEO which will only be released after 6th February will be shown too.

Feel the charm of Kim Hyun Joong through the movie screen!

At the venue, a "Lucky Girl" fan will be selected from HENECIA JAPAN members, mobile members and together with KABA chan who claims to be a big Kim Hyun Joong fan will be the support leader and have a gals talk? about Kim Hyun Joong's charm and thoughts after watching the video etc.

 <<Preview Info>>
■Date/Time: 23rd January 2012 (Monday)
■Meeting Time: 2PM
■Venue: In Tokyo
■Targeted Members:35 members each from HENECIA JAPAN members and Kim Hyun Joong Official Mobile member, total of 70 participants.

ps: for those wondering... KABA chan is a Japanese celebrity and is known to be a gay~ (^_^;)

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