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[FanAccount] Scorpion’s Fruitful Encounter with Hyun Joong in TFS Beijing

Credit: 夏花秋叶-Scorpion

Source: NH04@twitter
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This is the account of @夏花秋叶-Scorpion a Ssangchu and Hwangbo fan from Beijing who got HJ signed on Hwangbo’s Arisong Poster

Translation from Chinese to English done by Gerry(G)@sSangchu101


Early this morning, I had already made an appointment to meet Jin Yu at Xinzhongguan entrance, almost nearing 9:30am, the shopping centre had not completely open (business hours is 10am-10pm daily), both of us arrive there, then we wait for TFS (The Face Shop) to open & went to query about the situation on the event, there is a change of attitude, the shop sales staff was unwilling to vouch anything then inform if we want picture taken you need to purchase RMB3888, require an autograph must be a purchase above RMB500, after some hesitation, had to fork out the money & registered the name, then wait there from 9:30am, we waited until about 1pm, the other fans were almost had arrived. There is also those since morning who had been busy from Xidan, has quickly come over as well but those who purchase is not listed, therefore from 1:30pm I had to defend & guarded the entrance, in the end it was a chaotic mess. My friend who was with me a Hyun Joong fan was push out by a stream of people who didn’t purchase anything at all to the back of the line. The people in the queue were shouting. The door open & we storm into the shop. Do they really want Hyun Joong to see how imprudent at their quality of behaviour?

We stood there until 3pm, the staff was looking for an entrance for the fans to enter, it goes without saying that today the organisation is really disorganise. We asked about those fans who has registered to go on stage & how to enter but we asked however no one seem to know. The staff attitude is appalling, they didn’t said they didn’t know but tell us that they are not sure. It was fortunate when the fans line was open, I grab hold tight with the Hyun Joong fan that & quickly rush in, then wrap around our arm the indication that we wanted autograph then took a queue ticket, today I am about to explode, I didn’t bring any identification on me, just mentioned my age & I entered & the first person to enter. The Hyun Joong fan that was with me, after we had entered we were chatting together, to my great surprise to discover that besides me was Kim Hyun Joong’s Ajummas group, there were a few Ajummas standing just beside me. One of the Ajumma was holding to a Special Edition that we were just stare looking with our mouth gapping. The ones who was standing in front of us there will be stage some 20 of them going up the stage to take photograph with Kim Hyun Joong, that almost half of them are made up of Ajummas, then suddenly a girls came over to asked me to help her carry the “Star”. I heard the word “Star” my eyes sparkle with delight, perhaps there is other Ssangchu fans around that had entered, prepare to seek some colleagues, I greet with a bow as I took the “Star”, it is Ssangchu poster, the moment was really warm, actually a few lines away in front of us there was some colleague, but it was unfortunate there were too many people, I couldn’t chat with the Ssangchu colleagues that was going up to the stage then the Hyun Joong fan that was with me asked me “What have to prepare to take this up for Hyun Joong to autograph?” I smile & took out Eonni (Hwangbo)’s Arisong album poster. She then mentioned that “Isn’t that Hwangbo?”. I affirmed & said yes. She said she like Victoria/Nickhun & don’t like to see Ssangchu, Hwangbo is unattractive. At that moment I steadfast affirm that “I am Hwangbo Eonni Fan”. She understood somewhat then immediately kept some distance away from me then spoke to me no further. Honestly from that moment it was somewhat of a relief for me. Surrounding there is a lot of Hyun Joong Ajumma fans, also Hyun Joong fans. Those 50 people that could go on stage, I don’t know how many among them are Ssangchu fans, I just know that I did my utmost effort to stand in line for a long time to enter here & the need to let Hyun Joong know, no matter how long it may be, the love of Ssangchu still exists, although I was press for time, I just wrote briefly but behind me there were a lot of Ssangchu colleagues, how warmth

We waited until almost 4:30pm, Hyun Joong comes down from the elevator, the venue was pack with people. I took my camera & shot left & right, trying to get a decent picture. Friends who couldn’t make it, waited for me outside, then my steadfast to get up onto the stage. Hyun Joong with a red shirt with suit passes all the girls, then firstly spoke in an interview to the people in the front row. It was too many people, couldn’t hear clearly what it was said, probably about 10 mins, the front line fans went up to take photos on stage then next is us who was going up for autograph. I was probably the 9th or 10th person on the queue, in front of me were the Ajummas. Before coming onto stage, the Korean staff hope that we are to write our name in either English or Korean, as Hyun Joong will able to write quickly. At that moment, I borrowed a pen then my first world “To Ssangchu” but then I mess it up while writing it, just a small piece of paper, I had to cross it & write again, when wait my turn to get up on stage, they want to distribute the poster then asked whether I want the poster to be autograph. I said “No” then I show the Arisong poster I was holding in my hand. I don’t know whether that Korean Eonni staff understood, the Ajummas that was in front of me just had autograph & didn’t shakes hand with him, afraid that the flash light might disturbed Hyung Joong, flash photograph is not allowed on stage. I also didn’t know what came over me then once I went on stage I decided that I must shake hands with Hyun Joong. Just now while standing, didn’t take many pictures, had some regrets, quickly wipe away the sweat, but the more I wipe, the more nervous I became…finally…it came my turn. I was standing face with him & look at him….totally like a doll……Ah!…Ah!…Ah!…His skin was fare that is beyond description…completely a “Flower Boy” then I quickly stretch out my right hand (drench in sweat). He politely smile & shook my hand. His hand is really exceptionally soft, really warm… Ah!…Ah!…Ah!…That moment…totally gone berserk then quickly took out the note “To Ssangchu. The note was really crumpled & quickly flatted for Hyung Joong to see. Hyun Joong seeing the crumpled note was about to smile…Ha! Ha!…When after Hyun Joong see the note then starts to laugh.. Ha! Ha!… Ha! Ha!…Before that he was politely smiling on stage but when I open out Eonni Arisong poster, he complete about to burst out laughing…revealing his teeth… Ha! Ha!… Ha! Ha!…that little bunny tooth. I pointed the place where he should sign on the poster. He sign at the place as directed while smiling, the security personnel besides him was smiling as well. He signed it really diligently, after he signed it, he passed it to me. I was about to leave & turn my body away & wasn’t looking at him then suddenly heard the back people calling out to me to ask me to wait. I turn around, then this time he stretches his hand in wanting to shake my hand, at that moment I really wanted to cry, if I had gone down the stage, I wouldn’t have heard the staff calling out to me, it will probably my most regrettable moment of my life. Although it is only just a few seconds, Hyun Joong was really warm. I once again could come & see him face to face, he smiles like a doll. I specially put Eonni (Hwangbo) Arisong poster on the table again then stretch my hand to shakes his hand. His first action was to see the Arisong poster on the table then raise his head to smile at me, his hand is gentle & fair.. Ha! Ha!… Ha! Ha!...I had ignore all glares to bring Eonni (Hwangbo) Arisong poster to come on stage. It was really a thrilled, when I came down, I bump into some objects…Ming! Ming! I don’t know how many of them has today move Hyun Joong to had another handshake. I just know that I was one of them is already fortunate

After 10 mins, Hyun Joong left, my friends & I was planning to find a place to eat. Having standing there for 7 hours & finally got to see him but the possibility of being the lucky percentage that I was one of the 50 who got up onto the stage, it is really lucky, the return journey, the fatigue suffer of my friends & I. My friends who had came to support me was waiting endlessly outside for me & couldn’t even find a place to sit down, although they were not fans of the both of them & they has never really understand my mentality but seeing that I was so lucky today then said that it was worth the money spent & the suffering of fatigue was also worth it, that moment I really cried, when I was about to leave there was some Hyun Joong fan that couldn’t enter the venue then wanted to photograph my autograph & I let them photographed..Eonni you are great!

When I return to see the blog, there was some nasty comment left for me from the people who were present, asking me not to be so initiative…YY. I just wanted to say none of us has wrote anything improper about them this year, although that many years had passed but then everyone seems to have some disputes towards their love but however the both of them are really sincere & warm hearted people. If they don’t want to be associated together then they wouldn’t have sincerely reveal such warm smiles. Ssangchu is a great memory, who had said that this kind is really unreasonable YY, also has asked for this matter to be retracted as utter nonsense. None of us know what the both of them think in their heartfelt, therefore we must respect their no comment & less malice comment about them would be the right approach

The picture taken of Hyun Joong is blurred…tomorrow I will organise the picture, actually today standing for 7 hours… is really tiring. No matter whether for the love of Eonni, also for the love of Hyun Joong, love Ssangchu…tonight will be a great dream

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