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[News] Kim Hyun Joong to release a thank you single, “Marry Me”

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To thank fans for the tremendous success of his “Break Down” and “Lucky” albums this year, Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing a digital single titled “Marry Me“.

Having personally participated in the production of the single, “Marry Me” carries an acoustic melody with lyrics promising eternal love for his fans.

The single also contains a music video utilizing sand animation as well as fan-submitted photos. Kim Hyun Joong previously held an event on his homepage, asking fans to submit photos of the most happiest moments of their lives. 1,000 of those submissions were chosen to be included in his new music video.

“Marry Me” will be released online on December 15th, along with two different music video.

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Kim Hyun Joong ‘Marry Me’ music video to showcase pictures of fans

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Kim Hyun Joon is revealing his digital single ‘Marry Me’.

Kim Hyun Joong successfully transformed into a solo artist this year and to thank the fans for their love, he has prepared a digital single album. The digital single ‘Marry Me’ to be revealed on December 15th through various online music sites is an acoustic ballad that carries the sweet voice of Kim Hyun Joong with the refreshing sound of the guitar.

As he had for the mini album, Kim Hyun Joong participated on the album for the lyrics and he conveys his feelings towards the fans with the lyrics that promises an everlasting love that never changes.

Aside from ‘Marry Me’, ‘Marry You’ which is the rearranged version with smoother and more detailed, more feminine sensibilities will also be included in the digital single.

As the audio is revealed on December 15th, the 2 versions of the music video for ‘Marry Me’ and ‘Marry You’ will be revealed together. The music video has been produced with the sand animation technique, conveying the detailed sensibilities through the images and light using sand.

In order to bring alive the motif of the fan for the album in a meaningful way, Kim Hyun Joong had been collecting fan photos under the title ‘The happiest moment in life’ back in November through the official homepage. Of the 1,000 pictures offered by the fans, some of the pictures will be shown on the music video so the anticipation of the fans is increasing even higher.

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Kim Hyunjoong to release new digital single, "Marry Me"


After a successful year as a solo artist with his "Lucky Guy" mini album, Kim Hyunjoong revealed that he wanted to give something back to his fans for their support. On December 14th, it was revealed that Kim Hyunjoong would be releasing a new digital single titled, "Marry Me."

"Marry Me" will be available on online music sites at midnight on December 15th. The song is said to feature Kim Hyunjoong's sweet voice, as it is an acoustic ballad track.

Following his successful mini album earlier this year, Kim Hyunjoong personally worked on the lyrics to "Marry Me" to express the everlasting love his has towards his fans. In addition to the track "Marry Me," another track with a soft melody, "Marry You," will also be included in the digital single release.

At the same time as the digital single release, the music videos for "Marry Me" and "Marry You" will be released. The music videos will be animated using special techniques and special effects.

In June, Kim Hyunjoong became the highest selling male solo artist of the year with his mini album "Break Down." This year, Kim Hyunjoong promoted the tracks "Break Down," "Please," "Kiss Kiss," and "Lucky Guy" on the live music shows weekly.

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