Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[Trans] Kim HyunJoong @ KBS Cool FM Raise The Volume (1-day Special DJ) [11.10.31]

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The way he pronounced 'KBS Cool FM' is so adorable :3
1) A listener asked DJ Kim about his upcoming drama but he didn't reveal much (coz he's not sure about the script yet too), probably early next year, hmm, we shall expect the news soon. However, his 3rd mini album will probably be released on early June 2012 and his Asia Tour will be launched after that.

2) A male listener requested HyunJoong to call out his wife's name because his wife is a fan of HyunJoong. HyunJoong did as requested and sent his wishes to this couple to continue their love to 20 years, 200 years~

3) DJ Kim asked the fans outside whether if they're feeling cold but they said they're not. Maybe DJ Kim wanted to offer them some hot coffee or something, since they said they're not feeling cold, DJ Kim said: 'Well okay, then just stand there. Thank you'... LMAO evil~!!

4) And once again, HJ said that most of his friends aren't entertainers but they seemed like one.

5) He liked the song Lover by Kim Yeonwoo, the lyrics is about a love who's waiting for his lover by his/her side quietly (kinda like HJ's first love story?)

6) He said he personally liked SS501's Let Me Be The One very much, the acoustic version, and talked about his accident on 2010 that affected their comeback performance in Dream Concert, so they only performed this song.

7) A listener asked 'Ahjussi, who are you?' << LMAO!

8) I think fans can literally scream out loud reading this...

A listener asked DJ Kim why he didn't sign 'noona' at the back of her name during the fansign. He said because he wouldn't sign it if he doesn't know whether the fan is a noona or dongsaeng. Since she looked younger, so he didn't sign it!! 

9) HyunJoong said his World Tour (yes, he said World Tour not Asia Tour), will probably start next year end of June.

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