Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[News] Kim Hyunjoong says, "When I think of German people, I think of delicious beer and sausages."



Singer-actor Kim Hyunjoong was one of the many stars to attend the pre-event press conference on November 29th, ahead of the evening's live broadcast of the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

He gave a short self-introduction, then stated as a follow-up, "It feels good to be here. I'm both nervous and excited, but will definitely give a good performance today. The set-up of the stage looks incredible."

Widely acknowledged as one of the players leading the Hallyu Wave, he was asked to give a message to his global fans. Kim Hyunjoong said, "Thank you to all those who supported me. I had originally planned a world tour for April 2012, but due to the filming of a drama series then, it has been postponed to the end of the year. Nonetheless I will continue to put on great performances in between."

He refused to elaborate on the above mentioned drama project, saying that he is not allowed to talk about it just yet.

The next question put forth asked what he thought of his chances of bringing home the awards in the categories he has been nominated in. Quite modestly, he answered, "I think it will be difficult. Just one would already be good, I don't want to think about getting two. I will definitely work harder to ensure I can win more next time."

When asked to name the one award he would really like to win, however, he stated, "I don't know what categories I'm nominated for, but I would really like the 'Best Male Solo Artist' award."

He continued, "I think I'm still lacking as a solo artist, but I will work harder in future to overcome that. It's more demanding, both mentally and physically, to be active as a solo artist instead of promoting in a group."

Whilst on that tangent, a reporter remarked that Kim Hyunjoong seemed perfect in every aspect. Kim Hyunjoong answered, "I don't think I deserve the label 'perfect' yet. I wish to become a better singer and actor."

Finally, the interview session took an upbeat turn as a German reporter asked for his opinion on German girls. Kim Hyunjoong replied, smiling half in awkwardness and half in jest, "I have not met any German people before, but based on what I see on television, I have the impression that they have beer during lunch. I always think of delicious beer and sausages when I think of Germany."

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