Friday, October 14, 2011

[News] Kim Hyunjoong says "Dieting is easy"



On October 10th, a day ahead of his second mini album's release date, Kim Hyunjoong answered a few questions regarding his future plans and ambitions in an interview.

One of the questions posed was, "Did you try to lose weight?", to which he replied, "Not at all." Hyunjoong added, "The concept this time was dandy yet comical, sexy yet dark. As such there was no need for me to diet too much."

He continued with, "Dieting really isn't difficult. I just have to stop eating protein-rich foods and play soccer, and I lose weight just like that."
On this day, he also revealed a story from the production of his title track, "Lucky Guy." He said, "If you listen to the song, there is a wolf howl halfway through. We originally wanted a sexy female voice, but it was hard to find a woman who fit, so I recorded that howl myself."

Meanwhile, Kim Hyunjoong is set to perform his first comeback stage of "Lucky Guy" on M! Countdown on October 20th.

Source: Korea Economic Daily

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