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[Info+ Trans+ Lyrics] Kim HyunJoong's 2nd Mini Album 'Lucky' Registered On KOMCA

Credit: Korean Music Copyright Association
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As some of you might not know what is KOMCA, it stands for Korean Music Copyright Association. If you want to know more details about KOMCA, you can read the details listed on their site here.

As of today, HyunJoong's 2nd mini album that will be launching soon on 11th of October are officially registered on KOMCA (though there are only 4 songs listed at the moment).

Below are the first bar lyrics listed on KOMCA. For the screenshots, you can refer it over here



난 마법속에 빠졌나봐 

지금 내안에 

너라는 심장이 뛰어 

너라는 공기를마셔

I've fallen into the spell

Inside of me now

My heart beats for you

I'm breathing your air

Do You Like That

날따라와 go go 

그곳이 어디든 go go 

복잡한 머리도 

답답한 가슴도

다 잊어버리고

Follow me go go

To wherever go go

Whether it's your complicated thoughts

Or burdened heart

Erase it all


기슴이 두근두근해 

입가에 미소 가번져

널 만난 그 순간부터 

Just having you

My heart beats for you

Smile spreads on my lips

From the moment I met you

Just having you

Lucky Guy

3,2,1 Let's Go Hey


오늘도 완벽하지 

더 크게 더질 것 같아

3,2,1 Let's go hey

It feels good

Today's perfect
but it feels it's going to get bigger

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