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[Article] What Makes Kim Hyun Joong A Stylist Icon ?

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What makes a stylist icon? Is it the ability to lead a trend? The ability to make a current trend work? Or even the basics and the classics to work? To dress according to occasion? To have a unique sense of style that you know immediately it is him/her when you see it? He/she knows what fits, what doesn’t? Or all of the above?

However,a stylist icon is more than wearing the attire,footwear , accessories ,the right haircut ,etc. The what is only a small part of the equation. The more important factor is how one wears it.

A stylist icon wear his/her fashion statement with an attitude.They had elegance,refinement,casual,rugged,slick,unusual to the point of being eccentric and they are known for it .

A stylist icon is recognized. The public and fashion experts take notice and they believe in that style. They want to look like him or her.The stylist icon is not only a fashion arbiter but influential.

Becoming a stylist icon in other countries are bestowed upon an individual by fashion experts and by the adulating public who follow the celebrities’numerous public appearances over time. It cannot be denied popularity is also involved here as these are public figures who are most watched and constantly under surveillance for their activities. Some of these public figures are also in the public eyes for notoriety, scandal or any other provocative incidents. On top of that they are Media’s darling -for they make good newspaper copy and magazines sell if they are in its cover. The various social networks circulate around the globe constant sightings on them.

In South Korea ,the winner for the stylist award is voted popularly. So it can be said that the public decide who should bring home the award . The celebrities who make the list of nominees are actors and actresses,singers and performers in the Korean entertainment. These Korean celebrities are not only frequently seen in their current or most recent project/work, guestings in many programs but also are most sought after commercial endorsers. The award is, in a sense, an affirmation of what sticks in the mind after being frequently seen. Are they being emulated,copied, idolized? To sum it all in one word,have they become iconic?

Kim Hyun Joong who is at the center of the Pop culture phenomena in South Korea leads the group of nominees for this year’s Stylist Icon award to be held this coming November 3rd. If he wins again,it would be his third win in a row. In the previous wins after recieving his awards he left the stage amidst cheers of his fans. This year will be different. He is not only the number 0ne nominee, but will also be on the stage for a special performance of his two recent tracks-Do You Like That and Lucky Guy from the mini album Lucky Guy with eleven runway models. There is already much anticipation at this touted ‘evolutionary idol’ concept as released by the organizers of the event.

Kim as a celebrity gets multiple Press coverage for all his scheduled activities. And his fans also provide wonderful shots of him in many of his events. The public also see him in television guesting in variety programs, commercial films , uploaded fan made videos in Youtube ,his MV’s and various other videos of past and most recent performances.

In these appearances it is difficult to miss the Kim Hyun Joong style in dressing, his hairstyle, accessories and how he put them all together to make them uniquely his.It helps of course that he is handsome,his body is well toned,his height is ideal,he moves with grace and he plays the part.

He has that princely charm in well fitted suits,single or double breasted. He carries casual wear, boots,hats,sun glass and scarves in nonchalance manner.He has the country boy air in checkered polos and blue jeans. Even an ordinary TShirt, pajamas,the soccer uniform on him looks fabulous.What can the man not able to wear? Even if he wears rags and sack cloth, he will still win best dressed and look fantastic.

This is not lost on designers and Clothes companies who entrusted to Hyun Joong to wear their creations in different seasons of the year to influence buyers.

Hyun Joong’s got style, and he can flaunt it all he wants , to your’s and mine’s delight.

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